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How to send messages? – Elixom School Improvement & Development System
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How to send messages?

To send a message with the system follow these steps:

  1. Go to OTHER in the menu
  3. Click the TO field and choose who should receive the message.  Please note you can only choose from the contacts in the system. This includes:
    1. Parents – all, individual, by class, club etc.
    2. Staff – all, individual
    3. Students – all, individual, by gender, by class, by club, by grade
  4. Type a subject for you message
  5. Type the body of the message.
  6. You may also click the attachment button to upload an attachment (optional).
  7. You may delay a message by setting a future date (optional).
  8. The PRIORITY (optional) field should be used sparingly, do not change this from NORMAL if you do not have to. See below.
  9. When you are finished composing your message click. SEND.
  10. You may SAVE a message instead of sending it. If you save it it will stay in your DRAFT folder until you send it.


To send out a message saved in draft:

  1. Open the draft folder
  2. Click on the message to open it.
  3. Make any changes or updates to the message.
  4. Click SEND.
  5. Once the message is sent it can no longer be editted but it is listed in your SENT folder.


  • The COMPOSE option is also available from your INBOX.
  • All mailing services require throttling of email to avoid server overload and spamming.
  • The system send message out in small batched. About 100 messages every 10 minutes.
  • The system waits a few minutes before delivering messages. This time is between 40 minutes and 2 hours (you can customize this in your settings). This allows you to make correction and edit message.


  • Priority should always be normal or low.
  • A message can be set to EMERGENCY to send out immediate notifications. However frequent use of this level will result in email agents marking your account as sending SPAM messages.
  • A message can be set to HIGH priority to tell the system to send it out before all other messages (except EMERGENCY).

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