ELIXOM AISU is more than a School Management System (SMS). It enters the realm of School Improvement and Development and is designed with a multitude of functions that supports all schools in pursuit of school improvement and development.

ELIXOM AISU is a web-enabled School Improvement & Development System (SIDS) that allows school to do the following:


  • Generate powerful data analysis
  • Manages Registration & Admissions
  • Student Information Management
  • Student Fee Management
  • Student Behaviour Management
  • Student Access
  • Parent Information Management
  • Facilitates and Builds Parent Involvement & Engagement
  • Parent Access
  • Group Email Capability *With Mass Messaging Add-on
  • Encrypted Security at the highest level
  • Subject & Class Management
  • Staff Organizational Unit Management
  • Online Grade Book
  • Managing & Reporting of Attendance
  • CXC Registrations and Data Export
  • Create Report Cards and Transcripts
  • School Improvement Survey
  • Assign multiple teachers to a subject class
  • Simple interface for quick data loading
  • Moodle  Integration


Our most recent research and data analysis tells us that more and more school in Jamaica are being better managed and that more school boards and principals are very much interested and focused on taking their school to the next level.  It also tells us that they are very much focused on School Improvement & Development and as a result of this we created a beautiful system that facilitates this desire.

 ELIXOM AISU provides schools with the opportunity to manage their entire school system in an integrated, seamless, comprehensive and developmental way.

ELIXOM AISU is powered by an operating system (OS) called EDUGENTELELIXOM AISU is a fully integrated system that has at its core Analytics, Insight, Security & User Experience (AISU) and the strength of the system’s software and the needs of the schools are fully support by these key strengths. Another key component, which lies at the heart of ELIXOM AISU and forms a core driver, is EDU-INTELLIGENCE.  EDU-INTELLIGENCE is a dynamic and powerful component that allows the SMS to capture and generate useful information that principals, teachers and general administrators may garner. It provides them with data-driven and data-supported insights allowing these individuals to make informed, specialist as well as target decisions with greater confidence in its accuracy, reliability and timeliness.

ELIXOM AISU enables principals, teachers, parents and students to carry out a seamless number of functions that enables the whole school to have a wholesome experience.


What makes ELIXOM AISU different?


What is different about ELIXOM AISU is that is is not just another School Management System as all the others. It is a School Improvement & Development System that has been developed to facilitate and deliver a more comprehensive approach to school improvement and development.


Core Goals of the Product

  • Improving outcomes for students
  • Engaging/improving/enhancing parental engagement/involvement
  • Improving efficiency
  • Improve cost reduction
  • Comprehensively assist with the management of behaviour and attendance
  • Pathway NEI: Connecting your work, development and goals with those of the NEI
  • Managing finances
  • Report Generator (providing insight to school leadership and middle managers)