Backup and security


TredLabs specializes in data recovery and data security.
We make protecting your data is our priority.
With the use of state of the art servers located in secure data centers
we have taken every step to ensure your most valuable asset is secured.
Our software uses best practices for security and robustness.


  • Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) should be implemented to ensure the integrity of the data being served.
  • Protection against common hacking practices.
  • Security profiles that prevent unauthorized access.
  • Daily automatic back-ups with 12-day retention.
  • Servers that are load balanced for redundancy and protection against denial-of-service attacks
  • Industry defined SLAs.
  • Industry standard SSL.
  • SQL Injection protection.
  • Cross-site script (XSS) protection.
  • Dedicated servers with data centres in the multiple locations.
  • Integrity tested with penetration testing
  • Comprehensive audit logs
  • Full disk encryption