Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q: What is PARENT CONNECT?

    A: PARENT CONNECT is a service available to parents to help them keep track of their child's academic progress on a daily basis as well as connect them to products and service that will enhance the educational experience of their child. The PARENT CONNECT service is available 24 hours a day on the Internet. The information in PARENT CONNECT is current as of the previous school day.

  2. Q: Can anyone else see my child's information?

    A: Apart from the parent of the child no one else is able to see your child’s information (only authorized personnel inside your child’s school). The information about your child is kept private and password protected. You will not be able to see other students' records and other parents will not be able to see your child's records.

  3. Q: Who is eligible to use PARENT CONNECT?

    A: All parents/guardians who have legal rights to view their children's school records may use PARENT CONNECT.

  4. Q: Can more than one parent/guardian have access to a child's record?

    A: Yes. Each parent is encouraged to maintain their own account.

  5. Q: I do not live in the same household as my child. Can I still gain access to my child's information on PARENT CONNECT?

    A: Yes

  6. Q: Why didn't I get a User ID and password for my child(ren)?

    A: Each parent should have received a letter containing their child's Student ID and instructions to set up a PARENT CONNECT account. If you have not received one for your child, please contact the school.

  7. Q: Can I change my PARENT CONNECT password?

    A: Yes.  Go to you PARENT CONNECT site and click the “password reset” or “forgot password” link.

  8. Q: Who can answer my questions and provide more help?

    A: If you have any questions regarding PARENT CONNECT, please call the School’s Main Office during regular school hours.