Updates to registration modules

The similarity in names among several of the registration modules have at times caused confusion. In a effort to reduce the confusion some of these modules have been renamed or relabelled.

New nameOld nameWhat is it
Sign up dashboard– Registration manager
– Quick sign up manager
Manages the sign up/ application form filled out by new students. This was primarily used by independent institutions.
Sign upQuick sign upOn the application portal allows student to fill out one of the enable “sign up” or “registration” forms.
Student registration– Registration dashboard
– Registration status manager
Manages the status of student registration. It is used to control the “is registered” and “is active” flags on student records.
Application dashboard– Enrolment manager
– Application manager
– Transfer manager
Manages the status and application of students joining the school for the first time.
Enrolment dashboard– Enrolment managerManages the status and application of students registering for another term or year.