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Messaging system

The system accommodates of messaging in 2 ways. The system can be set for direct messaging or for integrated messaging.

With direct messaging all messages are delivered straight to a user (email to their inbox, text messages to a phone).

With integrated messaging the system message area becomes active. All messages are delivered to the users online account. Users can also determine if those messages are later delivered to an email or SMS provider.

A message is either an SMS text message or an HTML email message.

Text message

In order to use the text message feature, you must have an external SMS Provider. This information must be put into the text message settings for the system. Contact our sales team to find out your options for this. 

Email message

For email messages you must have an SMTP provider. This information must be put into the email setting for the system. Contact our support team if you need more help with  this. 

Once set up you can use the MANAGEMENT\DIAGNOSTIC tools to send a test message to see if the system is correctly set up.

Push message

For push messages the user needs to enable notification on a capable devices such as a smart phone or computer. 

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