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When are emails sent?

To avoid spamming the system sends email at interval depending on the relative priority of the message.

Message typesentnotes
New parent activationend of each day 
Parent password reset by administratorwithin 1 hour 
Parent password reset by parentimmediately 
Email changed by parentimmediately 
New staff activationwithin 10 minutes 
Staff password reset by administratorwithin 1 hour 
Staff password reset by staffimmediately 
Email changed by staffimmediately 
New student activationend of each day 
Student password reset by administratorwithin 1 hour 
Student password reset by studentimmediately 
Email changed by studentimmediately 
Email digest, summary of messagesevery 12 hours 
Account changes and security notificationsend of each day 
Direct messagewithin 2 hours 
Messages to mailing list/groups15 minutes to 4 hoursdelay is controlled by settings
Support requestsimmediately 
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