Support and feedback


We get it. We understand that you just need your system to work when you need it and in the way it should. That is our priority.
Our support team, techincal support team and customer service team are here to guarantee this.


  • 3 full-time programmers
  • 1 software developer
  • 1 system analyst
  • 1 business service manager.
  • Additional support available form system security specialist, technical experts and customer service agent at Tred Labs


Our website and online systems provides you with essential tools and information to solve problems even when we are not awake.


  • Support centre to report and track all issues encountered by users. Create a ticket for a technical issue, a suggestion or other complaint.
  • Frequently asked questions to encourage discussion and common issues resolution.
  • Knowledgebase to provide information and resources.
  • Feedback form to notify us about suggestions and any other software related issues.
  • Learning centre to provide self-directed training.
  • User manual provides complete system documentation.